aircooks - Code of Conduct


1. It is recommended that the cooks register with the Local authorities and licenses as a Food Business Operator. This process may be called differently within your local authority. The cooks can check this process with local counsel. The cooks are required to maintain proper hygiene to make and package the food. The cooks must have a clean and sanitised working environment to ensure the food is safe to consume, without the food causing any health problems.

2. The ingredients used in the food should be of good quality. Ingredients that are expired, stale, rancid, rot, spoiled, amongst others must not be used for use in the food prepared by the cooks.

3. Employment of children in any form by cooks is strictly prohibited. All applicable laws relating to child labour including employment, wages, working hours, overtime, and working conditions shall be complied with.

4. The cooks must be punctual while preparing the food and handing it over to the logistics partner for a timely delivery. The food must be prepared in a timely manner and be packaged by the time of pickup so that there is no delay in the food reaching the customer. The cooks are given enough time for the food preparation to ensure that the food is delivered to the customers at the requested time.