aircooks - That's the Way to Eat


It’s a food marketplace. It is a result of great friendship and passion of two minds who love food. One who loves to cook and one who is a foodie. At its core the idea is to offer a platform for food marketing and selling related services by local cooks in your own local area..

Aircooks is an ideal platform for home cooks to show and sell their creative side, with a touch of a commercial look. Today a lot of us simply do not have enough time and energy to give our family that home-cooking feeling. Our busy lifestyle demands our attention more on work or family and less on what we eat.

Aircooks allows you to connect cooks in your area who are willing to provide home-cooked food, when you want it, where you want it with a taste you want it, all at a reasonable cost.

We help you find buyers for your gourmet dishes through our Aircooks platform where people are regularly looking for delicious home-cooked food. Produce like cakes, muffins, pies, roasted meats, curries, stir-fries, and much more domestically cooked will soon be available on Aircooks.

This will definitely be an ideal game-changer platform for food lovers to meet cooks in your area. We help your cooking idea by providing your everyday cooking and baking skills as a launching pad. This is a serious effort to acknowledge home cooking and baking skills, which is long overdue.

Ever wanted to know if you are ready to take your culinary skills to next level ? Aircooks is your platform. We help you launch your own gourmet recipes in your area before you take it to next level. If you are not sure about your restaurant idea or its offering and would like that extra help and insight of business to take it to a new level, Aircooks is a place for you.


Folks behind Aircooks


Vaibhav is a professional chef and Gautam is an IT consultant. Together, they decided to build Aircooks, which brings local cooks together via an online marketplace.

What started as a simple idea of promoting home-cooked food, soon became more about sharing the talent of local cooks. They found that people were craving the taste of home-cooked meals in their busy life style, but had no platform to find one that suits their taste buds.

The techie and cook came together to create a place for foodies to experience the joys of cooking. Aircooks and its team strive to help smaller chefs receive commercial benefits and begin to build their businesses through Aircooks. With over 15 years of experience within their fields, they are driven to create something many homes can benefit from this aircooks marketplace We call it Aircooks – That’s the way to Eat